God’s presence
we want all that we do to host God’s presence.

God’s power
in the power of the Spirit we want to be doing the things Jesus did.

God’s word
we are committed to scripture – hearing, studying and searching it. It has the unique authority to shape our lives and it has a dynamic relevance today.

we are made to be a worshipping community, adoring God. Whether at our 8.45 Communion, 10.30 Celebration or mid-week meetings: our worship leads to connection and intimacy with God, transforming us as individuals and corporately. In celebrating and declaring the truth about who God is we believe our worship has a powerful impact here in our community and our city.

we believe that prayer changes things! We love to pray in a variety of ways with faith and confidence, we love hearing God’s voice, and seeing healing and transformation as we pray. We want to keep discovering more of God through prayer.

we love being a diverse family of all ages in which all are welcomed, valued and loved.

we are committed to the children of our church as full participants in the life of the church and the kingdom of God. We want to learn with them and see them enjoy, share and flourish in their faith.

It is our desire that every person that sets foot in our building is made to feel welcome and valued. We look for opportunities to bless people who come through our doors.

we want to champion and celebrate each person, believing all are uniquely made in the image of God. Our encouragement and discipline is rooted in scripture’s account of us as free and powerful in Christ. Repentance and faith enable us to grow and learn from failure and live lives of radical liberty and obedience to God.

we never want to stop growing and learning and sharing our lives with Jesus.

we want to be generous people with all our resources and talents, we join in God’s generosity, thankful to him for making all his resources available to us.

we are committed to serve and influence our community, and all the places we find ourselves, by sharing Jesus’ love. We love to partner with other churches locally, and we are connected to mission around the world through identifying and supporting mission partners and ministries financially, practically and in prayer.